Headway Masks for Action for Brain Injury Week

To celebrate Action for Brain Injury Week (8th – 14th May) we encouraged our clients to create masks to show how they feel when there at Headway Swindon and when they’re away from the rehabilitation centre. The clients had the option of using words or pictures to express how they feel since acquiring their brain injury after the recent studies were carried out showed more than 860 respondents around three quarters (74%) felt like a different person after sustaining their brain injury.

Here’s some examples of the fab masks made at the centre:


One our clients Dave has expressed his feeling in a poem, you can read Dave’s poem below or click the link to Headway UK’s website to listen to the poem and find out more about Dave’s story.

Listen live here: https://www.headway.org.uk/get-involved/campaigns/a-new-me/creative-works/a-new-me-david-hicks/

Dave’s Poem:

I wear two masks, for they hide the real Dave, behind both is a different me.

Behind my face, there used to be me, behind both masks there’s now a different trainee

At Headway, I feel like a someone, it’s where people know who I am.

Where as once in my life, I used to roar like a lion, now I often feel like a lamb.

I used to fear nothing and no one, I was respected in all that I did.

Now I hide from life’s living, at Headways the place that I’m hid.

It’s a safe haven, a place I’m protected, I fear nothing & no one once more.

At least from 9 till 3, until once more, I walk from its door. 

Then I’m back where people can hurt me, in the wide world, which isn’t so kind.

Where people don’t respect my thinking, or understand the change in my mind.

We’ve been tasked to make up two masks, how we feel when we’re here, and away.

When I’m here, I feel cared for and protected, when I’m not, I feel like I’m prey. 

Here, I’m learning once more, to be a man, to stand and be proud.

They’ve taught me, wherever I stand, I’m not stood right under a cloud. 

Though these two masks, still represent, who I am. One day, I’ll throw them away.

Then I’ll start living for now, then I’ll live for today.  

For with Headways kindness and teachings, their help, patience & respect.

The two masks I stand here and talk of, one day I’m gonna reject.