Cheque Presentation at Pinehurst Fun Day


On Saturday, Jane and Sheryl attended a cheque presentation at Pinehurst Fun Day.

Courtney Thurman suffered a brain injury following a car crash in the early hours of August 13 last year when she was just 17 years old. After the accident, Courtney was rushed to Southampton General Hospital and placed in a coma to allow her to be treated for brain swelling.

Friends and fellow Pinehurst residents pitched in to raise a whopping £1,400 which allowed the family to travel 124 miles every day to be by Courtney’s bedside.

The local community was so generous that the family had £602.40 left unspent after Courtney’s remarkable recovery and she decided to donate the money to Headway Swindon.

Thank you Courtney and the Pinehurst Residents for choosing to support Headway Swindon, we really appreciate it.

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